Snowdonia 20th – 21st November:

Day 1: Snowdon

Day 2: Tryfan

People: Charlie, Issy, Sam, Harrison, Chloe, Jack, Hannah, Devi, Luke, Harry, Meghan, Harvey, Chris, Will, Paulina, Tai

After yet another van fuckup, a convoy of cars was assembled on Friday evening ready for the traditional departure 2 hours late. Ready to attempt a Snowdon summit for the second time this term. Unfortunately, this predictably didn’t go to plan. 


Some would say setting off at 1pm in the rain would be a stupid idea. We thought otherwise. We set off in high spirits in an attempt to take on Crib Goch. The weather came in quickly (predictably) so Sam found a quick (but not exactly safe) exit strategy back onto Pyg track. We all made it back and rushed to Pete’s Eats who kindly stayed open late for us. Leftover chips somehow got made into a game that I can’t quite explain and Harvey doing a shoey for no reason. Prez and VP were treated to a bed this trip since we squeezed 16 people upstairs with only 14 beds.



The Sunday brought good weather and after the usual faffing, we left for Tryfan. The sun shone and rocks were climbed. Nothing else eventful happened but all summited and went home with the usual maccies en route.


Written by Issy

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