A valentines special

Week 6: Crianlarich.

14-16th February.

People: Ellie, Lucy, Charlotte, Tom, Katie, Cheng, Paulina, Kieran, Rebecca.

With Storm Dennis fast approaching we were apprehensive about this weekend. Very correctly, as we were soon to discover.

We arrived at Crianlarich village hall which was hella cold, so we all snuggled into one of the side rooms.

Day 1 attempted the Cobbler. Weather was gross: wet snow and wet rain. Promising route in, looked like it would have been very interesting if we’d been able to see anything through the torrent. After digging around for ages we got about 20mins from the top but couldn’t stand upright properly. Snow was slush, ice-axes were laughable. On the way back the river had risen exponentially so venturing across was fun bordering on uh-oh. Met Charlotte and Lucy in the pub, headed back to the hall for food (Ellie forgot to check if they had pans so half-boiled gnocci it was). Then onto the pub in Crianlarich which is the weirdest place ever, strong murdery vibe. No music. Just locals that all turned to look at us as we walked in (think last scene in the shining).

Day 2 route planning and we eventually settled on Ben Ledi thanks to Katie. Better weather but still blowy. Saw a Do Not Enter sign, fear of falling trees, climbed heartily over it and up. Gorgeous windey route up through woods and rivers up onto the ridge. (this is written post-trip, notes just say emphasise wind.) THE WIND. Ended up crawling which was pretty funny. Practiced arresting before heading off. Nice café at bottom. Back in York by 8:30. Pleasant, easy going trip.

Although not the highlands, the Arrochar Alps has promise for a slightly less daunting winter trip, if the weather hadn’t been so terrible.

E.P (trip seccy)

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