Lake District 6th – 7th November:

Day 1: Blencathra

Day 2: Haystacks

Here we are 7 months later, finally getting around to writing all of the trip reports from the past year, so inevitably some details may be missed but I will try my best. The plan for Saturday was Blencathra, splitting into two groups and aiming to meet at the summit. However only one group actually made it. Happy to say I was part of said group, spending a grand total of 30 secs at the peak in the pissing rain to take a photo. Unfortunately due to the shit weather this photo was never seen (RIP Hannah’s phone). A quick phone call to Charlie informing him of our whereabouts left him in disbelief as their group had been clinging onto the heather trying not to get blown off the mountain in the 70mph winds and so had turned back after only 3km.

Our “luxury” accommodation for the night was Threlkeld village hall. It smelled nice when we arrived, however by the time of our departure the next morning the smell of damp kit filled the air. Many of us had spent the evening attempting to dry out our boots in the hand dryer with little success. Trying to sleep was a struggle for many as two individuals, that shall remain nameless, decided to have a competition to see who could snore the loudest.

Sunday, the weather took a turn for the better and we were blessed with lovely clear skies and sun which soon dryed out the last of our damp kit. We ventured up Haystacks as one big group. Stopping for lunch by a beautiful tarn with the view of Great Gable in the distance. As no-one was around I brought out a speaker and put on some chill tunes, everyone seemed to approve except Harrison. Perhaps he was just simply annoyed that his flameless ration heater was not working. Ironically it started to work just as he gave up and put it into his bag, which brought a bit of excitement to the day as his backpack started smoking. Rather than trekking to Great Gable we decided to head home to avoid hiking in the dark but more importantly to avoid missing any bedtimes.

Written by Sam

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