‘We got to the tippity top of the tip topity tip’.

9-10th October.
Day 1: Tryfan North Face Day 2: Snowdon via Crib Goch/ Pyg Track.
People: Ellie, Tom, Carlo, Darci, Rebecca, Katie, Ethan, Mia, Helen, Julia, Sev, Oscar, Mal, Amy, Jacob, Kieran, Mark

Holy smokes what a weekend.

We set off from the vans at 10 after a blustery drive in through the wilderness of the Ogwen valley, Snowdonia. The short approach to Tryfan was very welcomed and we were soon making rapid ascent. The North Face of Tryfan has to be one of, if not the best grade 1 scrambles in the UK; no path, you’ve just got to get up it. The snow appeared to have thundered down just before we got there and so the scene was frosty and chilly but thankfully no wind or rain the whole day. Every now and then there were glimpses back over the valley and Llyn Ogwen toward Carnedd Llwelyn but otherwise the view remained stalwartly blank. Some Lancaster students passed us, and we managed to yell ‘roses are white’ at them before they disappeared into the mist.  After taking some suggestive photos on ‘The Cannon’ stone, we made our way to the summit in good time. The top is easily identifiable by ‘Adam and Eve’, two free standing 3 metre boulders. Only the most daring would brave the 1.2m jump between them so naturally none of us did.  We descended speedily for 5pm, perhaps too speedily as Carlo broke his leg on the way down (somehow made it up Crib Goch though). After figuring out how to get into the bunkhouse, some stayed to cook and some said screw that and went to the pub. Despite not having a drop of alcohol Katie and Darci performed some funky driving manoeuvres but we made it out alive. We then headed on to The Victoria, a typical Welsh tavern, where we saw the same creepy hat guy from last year and Mark fangirled. The proposal of visiting the worst club in Wales was quickly shut down, we returned to the bunkhouse, in bed by 11.

Day 2 greeted us at 6am with spectacular skies and optimism. The weather was incredible, clear and fresh and stayed that way the whole day. We were on our way from the Pen-y-pass carpark by 8:30 and at 9:30 had said a heartfelt goodbye to Katie, Kieran, Julia and Sev who made their way up the Pyg track to the summit of Snowdon. The rest of us started the ascent of Crib Goch, a steady but demanding scramble followed by the ridgiest ridge to grace this side of Glen Coe.  Everyone did amazing, especially since the conditions were so good there was no way to avoid seeing the poopin’ big drop on either side of us. But hey, we’re not complaining. After faffing around with crampons for 20mins, we reached the top of Crib Goch and then turned to endure the hordes of punters on the way up to the summit of Snowdon, which we reached by 1pm. Arguably the sketchiest part was coming down from the top which had been shaved down to a bobsleigh track by a stampede of canvas shoes. Almost all fell over, so we whacked the crampons on again like pros and were down in a flash.

Back in York by 7, tired but happy the weekend was, as the Welsh say ‘cowin’ lush’ (really nice).

E-dog (trip sec)



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