Week 5 – Lakes – May 2011

Week 5 – Lakes – May 2011


Aaand onto the next instalment (incredibly late yet again, although it was written months ago!). A More reasonably sized trip composing of myself, Carrig, Megan, Rob, Dave, Deborah, Sam and two nifty hire cars. After taking more than double the time it should’ve to reach the lakes due to major traffic jams for no apparent reason we were greeted by nightmarish weather to rival the previous trip. Being in the second car arriving the tents were already very kindly put up for us by some awesome people (sorry don’t remember who :P) so we were safe to head straight to the pub to avoid the torrential rain which was threatening to wash us away. Dave already several pints down the line and revelling in his new Captain’s position was already planning the weekends suicide outing. Failing to talk him down it was decided to wait till the next morning once he sobered up to talk reason into him. So once getting kicked out the pub yet again we had to brave the weather and head to our tents.

So the plan for Saturday ended up being Scarfell Pike.  The weather was standard really, absolutely miserable. Can’t really remember what else happened for the rest of the day apart from getting totally drenched due to not having waterproofs yet again and the softshells failing half way through the day. Oh yea! Just come back to this having remembered Rob managed to fall in a river while attempting to cross, this infact was a good thing cause he seemed to be overheating to the point of death before and the dip perked him up. Good stuff! Eventually we got down and made ourselves dinner then yet again proceeded to take cover in the pub which was even more packed than the previous day. Oh the warmth was great! Almost too warm as it just made me very sleepy and wanting to fall asleep right there in the pub. As you can probably guess by now we left when we were kicked out then headed to our oh so lovely tents.

Sunday proved to be a much better day in terms of weather after an ominous looking start. We decided the best plan of action would be to have a shuttle run. Megan and Dave drove both the cars to the far side of Wastwater then Dave drove Megan back to the campsite, the reasoning being we could do a very tame Sunday walk and head straight home afterwards. We set off and soon enough glorious sunshine appeared and put everyone in a much happier mood! Due to the extraordinarily crap weather of the past few weeks the streams seemed to have turned into rivers and several sections of path were hugely flooded. Photos of Carrig can be found giving various people piggybacks across them due to manning down. Unfortunately our way was blocked by what can only be described as a torrent of water. Carrig proceeded to wade right through getting very wet in the process. Everyone else looked for alternative means of crossing. I ended up climbing a tree and sliding down a branch which had fallen across to the far side. No one else fancied that so ended up just taking boots and socks off and wading through in the footsteps of Carrig. Apart from Sam, Sam was clever and hitched a ride piggyback style!

And so we continued! Eventually we were faced with the decision of a gentle scramble and walk round the edge of the lake or actually bagging a peak. Dave, Deborah and Sam full of energy and a need to climb something decided to grab the peak. The rest of us carried on pleasantly enjoying the weather. Not a lot to tell about the walk really, we found a nice stony beach at the far side of the lake and skimmed stones while chilling out before heading back to the car.

Thankfully we didn’t have a long wait before the other group got down and we were able to make our way back to York. That just about concludes yet another extremely late trip report I think. Next up, Boot Beer Fest!…..

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