Week 2 – Lakes – May 2011

Week 2 – Lakes – May 2011


Coming to you from the Scarborough cliff lift and nearly half a year late…this is my last shift for the summer then York bound tonight! Cya in the pub when my train gets in 😛

Anyways, onto the report. This was such a looong time ago so I may possibly just be making this up. Just a small trip to kick start the new term; unfortunately not many could make it due to coursework and general manning down. So myself, Carrig and Tash piled into Steven’s car and we took off to the lakes with no prior planning. Carrig nearly had a heart attack due to the driving (yea Steven that means you). The weather was crap. Anything else? Oh yea, it chucked it down all weekend and the gale force winds were fun.

We discovered the £600 nuclear war and bomb proof tent leaks…just on me though. Everyone else was fine but it was literally raining inside the tent above me! So after a crap night “sleep” we decided to bomb it up Helvellyn. This turned into a photo spree really where we just went mental taking photos of each other. Managed to bag the peak and get down in record time and actually had a break in the weather so was quite enjoyable.

Was in the Ambleside for 1 in the afternoon and just in time as the weather got crap again. This obviously called for an afternoon of window shopping and me trying not to spend obscene amounts as Carrig shouts out all the things I need to buy.

So after the shops booted us out we returned to possibly the most expensive campsite ever for unknown reasons. We decided to attempt using some white gas instead of the usual petrol to cook with. This ended disastrously, think massive fireball while a huge Duke of Edinburgh group goes WOOAA. They were most definitely impressed at our professional cooking skills. We decided to ditch that stove and leave Dan who we borrowed it off to deal with the problem. Back to cooking with the noisy Dragonfly that if you listen to reeally hard can just about be heard in New Zealand. Yea this attracted the attention of the D of E group yet again….

After finally having dinner we decided to retire to the pub due to rain. Several pints later and forgotten conversations we were kicked out to brave the rain and another terrible night. Not putting any of you freshers off am I? 😉

Sunday was kicked off in the usual fashion for this weekend. We woke up, had some food, jabbed randomly at a map and took off. The destination, St Sunday’s Crag and a god awful day. After it got really crap we took votes on whether to carry on or not. Obviously we carried on, me and Carrig with no waterproofs and just our softshells to put to the test. Test passed, they survived brilliantly!

A break in the weather!

Anyway, we kept climbing till we got to the top then proceeded on what we thought was the route down. Due to an insane amount of mist or fog whatever the difference is we got lost. Solution? We kept going till we could see then put our map reading and smart phone expertise to use. Made it down eventually then proceeded on the long march back to the car due to the navigational error. A quick food stop was in order then back to York!

Overall a good weekends break from coursework.

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