Ben Lairig’s purpose is to develop it’s members and does this by providing organised meets, training (formal & informal), frequent trips to the mountains and continuously monitoring best practice. But the dangers of mountaineering can change by the hour and even a moderate plan can become a demanding day out. So when you venture onto the hills remember you are ultimately responsible for you own safety, decisions are made as equals and it’s right to respect all members’ opinions, but never be afraid to say ‘stop’ if you don’t feel right. Nothing we do in the mountains is safe, purely just managed.

Ben Lairig members must recognise that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risk and be responsible for their own actions, including on organised trips, social meets and when practicing skills acquired through the club.

That being said, teamwork is key to any successful day in the mountains because a group relies on each other completely. Look out for your friends by buddy-checking their gear and help anyone who might be struggling; let no one fall behind and always put the safety needs of others before your own mountaineering ambitions. When using ropes make sure you are comfortable with each other’s ability.

Mountaineering is serious business, but it’s very important to have fun! Mountaineers are mountaineers because they enjoy it and being engaged makes learning easy.

Remember to:

  • Make sure everyone on the trip is aware of your plans by leaving a physical note of your route and on the group chat, including your expected return time and a later emergency cut-off.
  • Have all the phone numbers’ of committee on the trip (ask them if they haven’t remembered to offer them out!)
  • Have the essential equipment as listed on the kit list
  • Tell your friends where your medication is if you have any, like an epipen if you are anaphylactic. Be clear who can legally administer them
  • Stay where you are if you become lost or separated from a group, so they can follow your route plan or retrace their steps to find you.
  • Attend the Winter Skills course before joining winter trips
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