Lucy Committee


Lucy Chamberlain

bossy lucy, conditioned as a early years teacher, is the only person capable of authority in this club, the toddlers we all are.

Lucy Chamberlain

Helpful* lucy, . . . she's just a really cuddly personality . . . but she is performing too well here as a subordinate to herself, maybe it's cause she grew up around copies herself (lucy's mum literally cloned herself to make lucy)

Lucy Chamberlain

Organised lucy is rare specimen, her appointment as secretary shows a developed understanding of the benefits of division of labour, she lived with an economist for month, probably learnt it there, along with her introduction to niche 21st century trends like "Netflix" and "staying indoors" . This lucy is on the WWF 'critically endangered' list.

Lucy Chamberlain

Mathsy lucy is really smart, but she's usually too busy paddling in a puddle to use it . . . she does her thing, we don't question it anymore.

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