While the courses are timed to create a logical progression if you chose to go all the way, there is no pressure whatsoever to complete them all. Most of our members typically opt for the Winter Skills and Mountain Rope-work courses, the standard mountaineering combo. But others hate the cold so only do Mountain Rope-work and stick to summer scrambling; some even do none and enjoy the mountain-walking opportunities at the club’s destinations. 

The point is: do what you enjoy, nothing is obligatory for anyone!

A note on dates:

  • Winter Skills take place the second weekend of Easter term in Scotland. 
  • Mountain Rope-work is a long weekend in the Lake District after summer exams, so don’t plan on leaving too quickly if you’re interested! 

All courses are run annually and those tagged (G) are led by professional mountain guides





Winter Skills is our introduction to Winter mountaineering. No experience is needed, anyone can join! So if you’ve just heard about this mountain climbing lark or joined a summer trip and reckon Winter would be fun, this is for you!

The course teaches essential ice axe, crampon and avalanche awareness skills over two days.

To stay safe, everyone does this course before joining a Winter trip.

A summer weekend in the Langdales being taught how to use ropes and protection to complete or retreat from exposed, technical routes. We strongly recommend you learn knots beforehand!

This is an introduction to practice from and become confident in serious mountain terrain.  

Run at the end of the academic year so new members gain experience with the club before progressing


Experienced members can teach the adaptations made to regular rope-work for Winter conditions and additional techniques, on an informal basis. 

Typically a day on the Winter Skills weekend where we demonstrate snow anchors, how to place rock protection in Winter and complete a basic route together.

Must have completed Winter Skills Mountain Rope-work (or have equivalent experience).




This two-day course, all on campus, is tailored to mountaineers and satisfies the first aid requirement of the ML awards (REC level 2)

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We don’t organise a structured navigation course, but if you’d like to learn let us know, we’ll help you out when you’re next on a trip!

We raise money for Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team and visit their base for an evening each year as a handover. The team’s search dogs love finding live victims so bring your boots, layers and be ready to hide.

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