Kildale, 20th October 2002

This was our first trip of the year and it was nice to see so many new faces as well as an almost full turnout from the committee.  After a bit of confusion and almost steeling some Outdoor Soc members the coach departed for Kildale. Here we met Stephen and Jules and set off along the Cleveland way towards Captain Cook’s monument. Almost straight away we met one of a few hills on the walk. From here my group took a small path (which turned out to be extremely muddy) while everyone else continued on the track. When we spotted the monument and the others approaching from the right, Russell, determined to beat Dan, started sprinting towards it. Unfortunately Dan (who was considerably closer) had the same idea and just about won the race. The path from here went first down, then up, (certain members of the committee were heard to say, “why hasn’t someone built a bridge?”) then down and finally up again to reach the summit of Roseberry Topping.

After lunch (and a quick debate about possible scrambling routes on a small rock outcrop) we continued our route across the moor towards Commondale (and the warmth of the pub). As the clouds grew darker, Andrew’s group took a storming lead (presumably aiming to maximise their ‘quality drinking time’). When we caught up with them, they were already polishing off toasted sandwiches. Dan’s group arrived shortly after, in time for a quick pint before we all piled onto the coach for the journey home. As soon as we did, it rained (good planning, not lucky timing – honest)! Suitably refreshed after sleeping on the coach, some of us braved the rain to go for a curry. 

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