Sleepy Prez

October 10th 2021

After watching the sunrise outside the RKC for 2 hours, the 3 committee members and 13 freshers traipsed to spoons for breakfast, eventually being joined by the president after his lie-in from driving the day before. A quick van ride (apart from the ‘slight’ deviations due to the dreadful navigator) saw us arriving at Glenridding at 1.30pm, the freshers setting a punishing pace for the unfit committee up Striding Edge and Helvellyn. After plenty of photos at the very windy top in the beautiful evening light, we descended via Swirral Edge. Sam and Charlie ditched their bags with us and ran back down to the car park to rescue the vans before they were locked in at 6pm (they weren’t) and we all had a second helping at spoons in Keswick before racing back to York for midnight.

If you put up with the torrential rain or the committee’s inorganisation, you definitely belong in Ben Lairig. See you all in Snowdonia next!


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