A very wet Helvellyn

October 9th 2021

Our very first trip!
After collecting the keys for the vans there was a small delay as Sam struggled to find the handbrake (it was a pedal!) and Charlie struggled to put his in reverse. The drive was smooth with good weather and clear roads and we soon arrived in the Lake district ready to climb up Helvellyn. Everyone was so eager they rushed up the first (quite steep) hill and soon had to delayer and take a water break after just a hundred meters or so. Now continuing at a better pace we gradually ascended into cloud where visibility shrank to about 10m. As we got higher and higher we also got wetter and wetter and were soon soaked through. Arriving at the start of Striding edge everyone was very cold, wet and as visibility was so poor it was decided to not attempt the ridge and turn back. A very cold and hence quick lunch in the rain was undertaken and then we carefully but speedily descended back down. As we arrived at the bottom there was great visibility and no rain which is just typical.
We then headed to spoons to dry off and have some dinner before having a nice journey home.
In my car the tunes were blaring out, much to the annoyance of a couple passengers who wanted to sleep but some were singing along so no regrets.

Written by Sam

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