October 12/13th 2019

As one of the only non-Bsc members of the club and therefore the one with the most free time, I decided to heave the great responsibility of documenting our weekends on to my weary shoulders. In reality it was the perfect excuse to dust off the writing fingers in a way that doesn’t involve doing actual uni work…

The tradition of a Freshers trip to Helvellyn was upheld this past week with two trips going out and daring to test whatever the great mountain threw at us. Slap bang in the middle of the Lake District and once home to greats like Wordsworth and Coleridge, only Helvellyn could be deemed a worthy introduction to the prodigious legend that is Ben Lairig.

The two days were in perfect equilibria with the first enjoying a breezy but pleasant slog up and over Striding edge, a classic BL scramble which is not for the faint of heart. Led by none other than Prezchambo and Sec. Vardy (who I can only assume had a pre-emptive forecast check before assigning themselves to the pleasantries of day 1) the only precipitation of the day could be found in the sweat on their brows. After taking in the one of the best views the lakes has to offer, and reapplying the sun cream, the group clambered over the top and down the steep but short Swuirral edge. Despite a close call with water poisoning from an unassuming low-level water source, they made it home in good time.

 Sunday’s group experienced a very different day on the hill. After double checking the Met Office that yes there is a 100% chance of rain we set off with high spirits. Everyone made it to the Glen Ridding car park despite being subject to Mark’s audition for fast and furious and we were on our way by 10. At approximately 10:05 the rain started and decided to stay with us for the day. Despite the added challenge this presented on the scramble, everyone made fine work of the hill and we were relishing in the beautiful blanket of fog that covered the hilltop by noon. After a decent descent we were in the pub by 3:30. Despite the total wipe out it was a fun day with a great bunch of new people; safe to say the only complaints came solely from the committee members present, namely myself and Luc.

Any freshers that come back after this one can basically be considered the future of the club.

Next up, the Langdales!

(By Ellie, a tired trip sec.)

check out the president in shorts.
the real mountaineers.
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