We put our sensible hats on. FIRST AID COURSE 2020.


 This is a short interim from the flurry of exciting mountain chatter for a bit of sensible chatter. We did a first aid course!

First aid is the sort of thing you don’t really think about until you really really need it. Luckily our Prez has got her head screwed on right and thought it was time we arm ourselves with a bit of foreknowledge in case the worst happened.

Lucy managed to get in touch with Tim from MedicRec, an ex-army turned mountain rescue turned rescue dog handler legend for an intensive 16hr, 2-day course covering all the essential bases.

Day 1 consisted of identifying the visual signs of distress, correctly wrapping a casualty in insulating gear, CPR and a step-by-step guide on the symptoms/ treatments of major illnesses/ afflictions that could occur in the great outdoors.

Day 2 we dealt with and wrapped fractures, spent a cool hour outside in the post-storm Ciera winds treating minor and very major wounds. We also looked at more minor injuries, hyperthermia, avalanche awareness and altitude sickness.

Very thorough course, very useful arguably essential. Use in the future.

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