Committee 2012/2013

Captain – Mike Trousdale

Secretary – Stuart Wells

I’m in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly in the club and might occasionally write up committee minutes or trip reports.

If you fancy a pint or a friendly face to talk to then give me a shout!

Treasurer – Natasha Smith

Tash is in charge of the club’s money, which we all know is where the real power lies! If you need a trip to run or a tent to buy shes the lady to talk to!

Trip and Travel Co-ordinator – Christian

Social Sec – Alex

Gear Rep – Alex H

Press, Publicity and Merchandise – Juliette CARTER

Safety and Training – Samuel Cooper

I do my best to ensure that we do not have to call out mountain rescue and/or the undertakers. Occasionally I am sucessful in my endeavours.

Photographer – Tim Wingard

Webmaster – Mike Trousdale

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