Committee 2008/09


Captain – Eleanore Titmus

Eleanore took over the reigns of the club after a hard fought election campaign, the final blow came when she emptied her punch glass faster than Bance three times in a row – a feat which neither of them can remember.

Eleanore’s main leadership abilities come from her ability (in fact requirement) to drive her car with a head torch and her wicked sense of humour.

When not up mountains she can often be found cycling or being philosophical.

Secretary – Neil Sherman

Having unanimously voted himself ‘sexiest member of the club’, Neil is the God of physics, slayer of algebra and allround goodguy. Despite suffering a narrow defeat to become captain he remains resolute and is currently planning Eleanore’s assassination.

Treasurer – Megan Lindeman

Megan is a child of the lake district, after finally escaping Penrith to come to learn about tree hugging and global warming she joined up to get cheap trips back home at weekends and sample Scottish takeaways.

Realising very early on that real power was held by controlling the club’s money Megan even brought along her housemates to elections make sure the vote went her way. Her dedication is an inspiration to us all!

Trip and Travel Co-ordinator – Carrig Suleman

This is the person you will blame when all the trips go tits up. Carrig has a slightly over zealous approach to winter walking and the more challenging backpacking routes in summer. Luckily Eleanore has this under control and between them you should get some pretty epic trips all year round.

Social Sec – Robert Dickson

Rob is the Social Sec for Ben Lairig, a role he seems to have been born for. He’s done a fair bit of walking in his first year with the club and a lot more drinking!

With a fair number of drink related stories under his belt and his knowledge of pubs growing by the day expect things to get a little messy….

Gear Rep – Andrew Ward

Andrew is the quiet one, the one who you never lets you know what he’s thinking. He’s also one of the club members who doesn’t drink so we’re determined to help him pass his driving test as soon as possible!

Press, Publicity and Merchandise – Robyn Butler

Safety and Training – Rob

Rob’s been told he has no regard for safety, so thought this position would give him ample opportunity to learn.

Having succeeded the throne to this most important committee position, he’s currently on a bit of a power trip.

Webmaster – Jack Baldwin

Well, they say having the power of Webmaster can corrupt lesser people, but Jack isn’t planning on doing anything anyway so there is no real chance of corruption.

Mascott – Crocodile

When this crocodile became the mascot and why no-one knows, some claim he is the spirit of a former Safety and Training Officer, others claim that he an angel delivered to us to aid us in our attempts at pub golf.

The true origins of crocodile will remain a mystery.

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