Committee 2002/03

These rogues are allegedly responsible for the smooth running of the club. Please feel free to e-mail them if you have any queries.

Committee meetings are usually held on a weekly basis, on a Wednesday evening in Langwith Bar. Any club member can attend any meeting, so feel free to come to one if you have something to say, or just want to see what the committee gets up to. A record is held on this website.

Each committee member has their own page with some little nuggets of information and fun about them. If there is anything in particular you would like to know, or that you think would be in the clubs interest to know, please e-mail the webmaster your question and he shall put his snooping hat on…



Stephen Ratcliffe


Stuart Younger

Treasurer, Safety, Training:

Daniel Callinan

Trip Coordinator:

Andrew Lochrie



Social Secretary:

Emma Greenhill

Press and Publicity:

Stephe Harrop

Gear Rep:

Ben Heggs

Gear Rep:

Jacques Peacock


Big Mad Drongo


Paddy Brinded
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