Borrowdale, 29th to 31st October 2004

Friday 29th October

Generally, the campsite at 268134 gave some difficulties, both in terms of an unsigned and hardly traversable access road from Stonethwaite 263137 and lack of drinking water facilities.

Saturday 30th October

Starting from Gatesgarth Cottage 195149 a group of 7 proceeded along Fleetwith Edge up to Fleetwith Pike (648m). After some difficulty with locating the path indicated on the map and the surrounding quarries the group headed for Great Gable (899m) via Brandreth (715m) and Green Gable (801m). Meeting with the other group at the top we proceeded as one down the West face of Great Gable in a easy to moderate scramble (although terrifying for vertigo-ridden Ed) with the potential for skree running. Ed’s faster group led the way up Kirk Fell (802m) to Pillar (892m). During the descent of Kirk Fell in the NorthWest it was found to be advantageous to take the gentler route leading to a walk able path, by taking a right turn about 1/3 of the way down. The group finished the day by reversing from Pillar to Black Sail Hut 195123 and then through Scarth Gap (500m) 189134. The walk ran from approximately 9:30 to 6:00pm at a reasonably fast pace, and provided excellent views of the surrounding area under good weather conditions.

Sunday 31st October

From Cinderdale Common 163195 the group proceeded East via Land Hows to Grasmoor (852m). The climb proved a tiring challenge when the 700m was completed in 50 minutes. From there the group proceeded East to Crag Hill (839m) with a gentle 150m drop between the two peaks. Returning the crossroads between the two hills 186202 the group proceeded North along the gully, veering North East on a footpath up to Grisedale Pike (791m). The climb proved gentle, although we became enveloped in cloud at the top and visibility reduced to about 50 metres all around. To finish the day the group headed for Hopegill Head (770m) to enjoy a superb view to the North before proceeding West for 45mins along a gentle gully to return to the lakeside.

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