Please take some time to read through this page. Keeping hard and fast rules to the minimum is part of Ben Lairig’s identity. So it’s important to absorb the few there are and other guidelines.


Ben Lairig will give you the opportunity to explore some of the highest and most remote places in the UK and abroad. For many, the isolation, challenges and freedom of mountaineering are central to its enjoyment. However, it is an inherently risky pursuit and it’s important that everyone is aware of the dangers that exist in the mountains. Full competence as a mountaineer can only be gained through experience and even the most accomplished mountaineers make mistakes. But everyone, regardless of ability, can take measures to greatly reduce the risk to themselves and others.

Remember to:

  • Record your plans as a group in the Ben Lairig Route Book before setting off
  • Have at least 1 set of map & compass and a small first aid kit in your group
  • Have the minimum equipment as listed in the kit list
  • Read through the mountaineering advice section of the Ben Lairig Funbook. It contains guidance on proper planning and tips on some situations you may find yourself in
  • Attend at least the Basic Winter Skills course before joining winter trips
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