'oh, that's a drop now'

NORTHERN LAKES: 23rd – 24th November 2019

Week 8
23-24th November
Present: Lucy, Tom, Jacob, Ben, Katie, Blanche, Justin, Helen, Beth.

Usually the story starts when we reach the mountains, sometimes even when we’re on the bus. But this time our very own stores turned on us, snapping my key as I locked them up. Confusion – and YUSU – will ensue next week.

We laughed it off, flexed our tetris skillz packing our gear into the tiny boot (I’d neglected to specify a large 9 seater), gawped at Lucy’s shorts and set off for the lakes. On arrival into Stonethwaite we were hit with the crisp Lake-land autumn air, so Lucy shamelessly pressured Katie into shorts too and after a game of jenga with the boot we started the ramble towards Cam Crag Ridge.

Cam Crags definitely wasn’t as ‘ridgy’ as I’d imagined, I’d describe it as more of a line of rocky protrusions up a really nice gentle mountain, making giant steps up the mountainside. These steps are big, making the ascent a cycle of ‘this is just walking’ to ‘safe scrambling’ to ‘oh that’s a drop now’. With a sweet boulder field mixed in to the middle, variations all the way up and a stream to paddle in at the bottom; on a sunny day this could be outdoorsmen’s playground. But it wasn’t sunny and we’re Ben Lairig, which this year translates to ‘mountaineers in shorts’. So we kept up a pace to Glaramara where Katie forfeited membership and donned her trousers, losing a promised pint from myself and Lucy’s respect. Out of shame Lucy and Katie both returned to the bus from here while the the rest of us kept on to Great End.

This mountain made the day. A moderate white out forced us to navigate properly , the wind was enough for some atmosphere but not enough to be annoying and snow let me nail the first glissade of the season! We turned back because we weren’t sure about daylight, but it turned out we had plenty and we definitely should have stayed for another peak or two.

On Sunday, despite being wet underfoot, Lucy and some keen beans tackled Sharp Edge with Huddersfield’s club. Blanche, Jacob and I decided on Halls Fell Ridge after Lucy fell arse-first into a plant pot while demonstrating how ‘not slippy’ a wet slate paving stone was outside the bunkhouse. Nevertheless we all made it to the summit and back to Threlkeld for mandatory hot chocolate before the drive home..

All got back safe and sound, apart from Katie, who refuses to rest so was again struck down by tryhard syndrome.

A good cozy weekend, but maybe some missed opportunities.


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