Minutes for Wednesday 11thMay 2011

Minutes for Wednesday 11thMay 2011


Committee Meeting 11/5/2011

First new Committee meeting


Present:- Dave, Mike, Tash, Stu, Dan, Lawrence, Jessie, Andrew, Sam

Absent:- Everybody else and anybody I forgot (oh it was so long ago…)


Soo on with the minutes, the start of a new era and so on and so on. Our new Captain cracked his whip and declared the first committee meeting to be held in the library (yea don’t ask me, I heard it was this mythical place where people went to do work?…). The Rook definitely has my vote for the next meeting, they have beer! And cider! And erm…beer!

After following Dave through this weird and wonderful building we eventually found ourselves a room in which the meeting was held and in no way did we play around with the air conditioning like little children.



Anyway, onto the planning. The plan for the rest of term was fairly quickly decided on.

Week 5 – Wastwater in the Lakes, 2 cars

Week 7 – Boot Beer Festival, 3 cars (no comment…)

Week 8 – Pub Orienteering (if only we knew…)

Week 9 – Cairngorms in Scotland, 1 Minibus. Possibly wildcamping, possibly campsite. Dave and Dan clashed over this for the next 5 weeks.



There seems to be a missing first aid kit so if that could resurface at some point it would be awesome. Also, current kits need restocking due to the abuse they all got from extreme manning down on the Hadrian’s Wall trip, and general use ofcourse.

Sam as the person that put himself forward as gear rep was tasked with checking all the kit in stores and making a note of the state, missing items etc etc. Have fun!

Also a kit amnesty was declared to try and gather any kit which may be lurking in people’s houses.



It was decided we need to budget for lots of new kit for next year. Maybe a few more crampons, lots of ice axes as the current ones are now pretty crap, some lightweight backpacking tents and anything else we can think of blowing money on. Maybe some maps to keep Andrew happy.

Trip fees may have to be raised next year due to them being frozen for several years in a row. We’ll worry about that later in typical Ben Lairig fashion.



As someone also pointed out, NO  APOSTROPHES  IN  TRIP NAMES! Apparently it breaks the website. If people could upload more photos to the website that would also be cool, though it seems to be a bit temperamental. Maybe integrating Ben Lairig more onto Facebook would be a better idea as more people use that. Which reminds me actually, admin privileges need handing over for that.

At this point I don’t remember why but Dave saw fit to give an army motivational speech about a “Can-Do Attitude”. If the entire speech could come out again one drunken night that would be great cause it really was pretty epic. Anyways, onto the next topic.



So there seems like there may be a driver issue next year with Dave being the only person able to drive the minibus and Dan the only person with a car. Dave declared himself available to drive for the fresher’s day trips so that should be alright. Scotland trips may be a bit tricky due to needing 2 drivers, Winter Skills being the main problem here. Myself, Jack and Jessie are possibilities for driving the minibus for this, though the issue is test availability when we each become eligible to drive it.


With the boring stuff done, dusted and out the way we made our way to the Rook for a few pints followed by town for what would be a very interesting night…and that concludes my first minutes written up at 3 in the morning about 8 weeks late. Standard really, night!

P.S. Ben Lairig is in no way a drinking club with a walking problem…


Bringing you chaos as always.


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