Ben Lairig was formed in 1983 as a splinter group from YUMC, as after several years of encroachment by bouldering, sport and other types of rock climbing, it thought there wasn’t enough classic (especially winter) mountaineering in the club.

The first Ben Lairig committee comprised Jo Hunt as captain from 1983-86, Nick Zeir as secretary, and Mark Beynon as treasurer. There is also thought to be a link with the ‘Lairig’ Club, of the University of Aberdeen, from which our name stems.

The club has adopted a number of traditions since its inception including an annual pilgrimage to Boot Beer Festival in the Lake District where it is customary for the incoming president and committee to meet alumni of the club and reminisce about ‘the good old days’. For a number of years, a Ben Lairig ‘Funbook‘ was provided to new members as a means of introducing them to the workings and traditions of the club. The guide notes a number of customs including the supposed tradition of trip attendees providing breakfast in bed to trip organisers. (This is a custom that many are keen to revive!)

The academic year 2019/20 marks the 36th year of the club since its inception in 1983.

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